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...The West has a large event, the East has a large event, but the Midwest has not seen a large Subaru Enthusiast gathering like this.....until now...

What is Scoobapalooza?
Simply put, Scoobapalooza is the new Midwest SUBARU Enthusiast Event. Bringing together Subaru owners from Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, and any other surrounding areas.

So what can I expect out of this Scoobapalooza?
For 2014, we are excited to announce the return of the Meet, Greet, & Show. Along with the main gathering, the All Subaru Car Show will of course be happening as well. Also, we are really stoked to bring you the exclusive Scoobapalooza Autocross, sponsored by RacingLine USA.

What's the Schedule for Saturday?
8:00AM-9:30AM - The gates will be open for Scoobapalooza Autocross Participants
9:00AM - The gates will be open for all Scoobapalooza participants
9:00AM-12:00PM - Car Show Registration will be available
9:00AM-2:00PM - Raffles will be available to enter
2:30PM - Awards will begin
4:00PM - 2014 Scoobapalooza Closes and everyone must be out of the Family Arena Parking Lot

How do I get registered to participate in the All Subaru Car Show?
Pre registration for the All Subaru Car Show is available NOW! be sure to check out the car show details HERE.

Can I  be involved in both the All Subaru Car Show and Scoobapalooza Autocross?
For the 2014 Scoobapalooza Event, we will be able to offer a limited amount of entries for BOTH the All Subaru Car Show and Scoobapalooza Autocross. If you do have an interest in participating in BOTH of the events, you will FIRST need to contact us at [email protected] so that we can be sure to gather your information and assist you with proper preregistration.

Are there any discounted accommodations for 2014?
You bet! Check out the ACCOMMODATIONS page for all of the details on the discounted rooms for Scoobapalooza participants!

What's this I hear about a t-shirt?
Check out the Official Shirt page for all the details! There will be a limited amount of shirts available during the Meet, Greet, & Show and they will be at a higher costs than the preorder. Shirts will NOT be shipped out to participants this year.

Will there be refunds if it rains?
No refunds. Scoobapalooza is a rain or shine event.

Can I bring my own items to sell at this event?
Yes, but ONLY if you are a registered vendor. If you are not a registered vendor you will not be allowed to distribute any items at the event. If you are found to be selling or distributing any information/product without being on the approved list, you will be asked to leave the venue.

My group/company/team wants to become a sponsor and/or support this event, how do we make that happen?
First, thank you for considering becoming a part of this event! The process towards sponsorship is easy! Just Contact Us to get more information regarding the sponsor tier levels. We look forward to hearing from you.

What can't I bring to the Saturday 'Meet, Greet, and Show'
Weapons/drugs of any kind, BBQ pits, animals, alcohol; Both the Venue and the Scoobapalooza staff reserve the right to deem any items/actions as harmful/dangerous and therefore unfit for the venue and/or Scoobapalooza Event. If you have a question about something please ask.

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