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Please note that this is not official registration for the All Subaru Car Show or Scoobapalooza Autocross, sponsored by RacingLine. By completing this registration  form you are assisting us with planning based upon numbers and interest in specific Scoobapalooza Events so that we can better plan for your arrival.

and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls


ON JUNE 14th 2014!

  Are you all ready to take over St. Louis, Missouri again??

The first year's event was a complete success. We had an estimated 390 people in attendance to fill our awesome venue, The Museum of Transportation.  Since the close of the 2013 event we have been planning for 2014 to be Bigger and Better! Subaru owners from all over are invited to join us and make this event a true force to be reckoned with in the Midwest!


For 2014 we are pleased to bring you Scoobapalooza Autocross Sponsored by RacingLine!!!! This event is exclusive to the 2014 Scoobapalooza attendees! Be sure to check out the Autocross Page for details, classing, and Preregistration -- Now Available!! Entries for this awesome feature are limited and will sell out fast so go get signed up TODAY!

  Hotel Accommodations have been finalized with one of our prime hotels in the area with COVERED PARKING, discounted rooms, a wide variety of amenities, and it's very close to the Saturday venue. Book your room soon so you don't miss out!

'What about sponsors?', You ask? Well, new announcements are happening left and right. Both returning and new, we are so appreciative for their awesome support! Keep an eye out for new Sponsors appearing on the website.

How much does it cost to come and hang out? Nothing! The Meet, Greet, & Show is again free to attend for 2014. There will of course be some activities that do involve fees (Car Show, Autocross, Raffles, etc). Take some time to read through the About Pages.

Business cards and flyers will also be released in due time so that you all can continue to help spread the word. Be sure to share the website and Facebook page with your local Subaru chapters, your Subaru forums, and your Subaru enthusiast friends!

Thank you all for your support!